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Image by Jazmin Quaynor


Growing in Christ Together


Riza aims to create neighborhood gospel communities that practice contemplative spirituality, cultivate holistic community, and support the foster care community. We want to create committed Christian living communities where members experience the life of Christ together and through their practiced community become a witness to the watching world of the Kingdom of God. 

Our experiential community membership is a short-term commitment in Christian living. As an experiential community member, you will live together with other Riza community members and explore shared practices of prayer, community, and service. Riza leadership and covenant members will lead you and other experiential members through our Transformational Community learning experiences which will help you reflect on Christian community, your relationship to God, and how to live the Kingdom life. 

The Experience

What is being a member like? What is involved?

Explore our membership commitments through this gallery.

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