In the face of rampant disconnection, loneliness, and the lack of authentic community in our culture, we are reimagining what it means follow Jesus together. What if we were meant for something more?  


We believe that our faith as followers of Jesus should be integrated with every area of our lives. We strive to be a community where prayer thrives and we learn from the ancient practices of the Church.


Across New England, there is an urgent, crisis-level need for foster families. The children of foster care, who are removed from their homes at no fault of their own, often do not have safe, caring foster families to be placed with.


Riza is focusing on serving the needs of foster youth and foster families. We seek to intentionally incorporate Christian foster families into our communities, supporting them through encouragement, acts of service, help with childcare, and prayer.


Intentional Christian Communities

We create vibrant Christian housing communities that embody the way of Jesus for the good of our city.

The Way of Jesus is fundamentally a life lived in community. God calls us, as the People of God, to embody his Kingdom life in the world.

Riza is a nonprofit that comes alongside the local church and works to create neighborhood gospel communities where believers intentionally share life, prayer, and mission with each other on a daily basis.

Our communities are located in Boston and focus on serving the foster care community as we seek to live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.



Gospel Community

“Life in the company of Jesus is not a discussion group but an act of becoming.”

Eugene Peterson